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New Pollinators!

We’ve been busy over here at Pollinate, so busy in fact we’ve needed to add to the roster of amazing folks. We are so excited to bring into the fold some amazing talent.

Simeon Roane has joined as Executive Creative Director and will lead and accelerate innovation, creative and design. The new appointment reflects the agency’s commitment to deepening its roots in conceptual design and meaningful storytelling.

“Simeon brings deep creative experience leading global brands like Adidas, Heineken, MTV and Coca-Cola,” said Levi Patterson, Co-Founder of Pollinate. “We’re thrilled to have a creative talent of his caliber guiding our team to deliver the best possible innovation and service for our clients.”

Most recently, Roane directed and managed creative for Razorfish in San Francisco after serving six years as Executive Creative Director for Publicis New York.

Pollinate also announced the addition of two employees who will identify and deliver premium strategy and results for clients.

Yuki Tanaka joins Pollinate as Sr. Media Planner, most recently from Hill Holliday in Boston. Tanaka will provide insights and strategies on the evolving media landscape, while developing and analyzing media strategies and partnerships.

Jennifer Benda will oversee brand relationships as Project Manager, optimizing workflow and identifying additional areas of opportunity. Most recently, Benda served as the Director of Digital Development at Mambo Media in Portland.

Welcome crew! We are excited to have you here!

Uncover Oregon’s Treasures - Oregon Lottery® →

Had a blast working on this project with our friends at the Oregon Lottery. Whenever there is an RV and you can discover the state via a scratch-it ticket, you know it’s going to be a good time.

State of the State of Mobile Ads

A few years back we did a one pager that outlined mobile trends, but we wanted to see what’s changed and how users are using mobile now. We’ve revised the one pager, which you can find here

Google Partners G+ Community: Pollinate Edition

As winner of the AdAge 2013 National Small Agency of the Year Silver Award , we get asked a lot about what the award is and what it means. For us it was a great way to show how we think and bring attention to the great team of people we have working with us. It also let us show off what we love the most…our clients and the work we get to do with them. Google Partners recently reached out to us and asked us to submit some information about the award and some photos, and we got the spotlight this week! If you want to join the community to check it out, you can request an invite here.

Thanks to Google for reaching out, we are thrilled to be part of the community on Google+.

Behavior driven mobile ads?

We work with clients who sell both online and in the good old brick and mortar retail environments. One thing we keep an eye on is how mobile is used in shopping and purchasing decisions.

So when we saw PayPal (the people in which serve you mobile ads and enables online purchases) partner up with Placed (a mobile location tracking system that shows what retailers you visited), we were intrigued.

Why this matters? We are always looking to connect mobile ads with in-store purchases to gauge overall campaign performance. This new partnership could link mobile ads with individual consumers shopping patterns. So we could serve a specific ad based on where someone went in a retail environment. And that could be pretty interesting. Check out the whole article here.

It was the Pollinate quarterly Quarterly this week! We took a trip to Mississippi Pizza and Pub, with families in tow, for a night of music, drinks (those Manhattans and Old Fashions were…intense) and of course, pizza. Not that we needed entertainment, but we had a private show by Aarun Carter & Jonathan Trawick, which was fantastic. Evidently they have a regular gig Wednesday nights at Paddy’s Bar and Grill. Guess you know where you’ll find us on Wednesday’s now.

Thanks to the heads of Pollinate for the outing and treat. Always a blast hanging out and always a treat to have our families join. Can’t wait for the next quarter to wrap up and we can do it again!

The latest metric: Attention Minutes

We are data geeks and absolutely love when metrics and measurement criteria start showing actual user behavior. The latest metric to do this: Attention minutes.

The site, Upworthy, is one of the first publishers using this metric as a reporting tool. Typically, single actions have been used…such as time on site or number of page views. This is a pretty flat approach, and doesn’t give us a good picture of what users do on site or how they interact with content.

Attention minute metrics, ultimately, tracks different behaviors and show how the user is experiencing and interacting with the content. For example, are videos playing? Is the browser tab open? Is the mouse moving? Take a look at this chart, which shows a very different picture of what’s happening on article pages depending on which metric you are looking at.

Why we love attention minutes as a metric:
• It’s user centric and it’s not just about sheer numbers.
• It’s about behavior and engagement.
• It educates brands on how users are experiencing the content that is being produced.
• It shows what kind of information users engaged with most actively.

For a brand, that intersection is the ultimate go for. How to close the gap between what you think is valuable and what users actually find valuable. And we love that there are metrics to inform this evolution.

What’s that? Our own Wilson Sporting Goods Co. timeline featured in Communication Arts this morning? We loved working with Wilson on this project and thrilled to see it in the world. To check it out, go to Communication Arts to see the full write up! What a great way to end an amazing week. Cheers!

What’s that? Our own Wilson Sporting Goods Co. timeline featured in Communication Arts this morning? We loved working with Wilson on this project and thrilled to see it in the world. To check it out, go to Communication Arts to see the full write up! What a great way to end an amazing week. Cheers!

Pollinate and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Celebrate 100 Years of Sport

Congratulations to our client, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. They are marking their 100th anniversary by launching a new anniversary site, and Pollinate is thrilled to have partnered with them in creating this work.

The digital experience celebrates all decades of sport and the athletes that have shaped the classic American pastimes. As part of the site, Pollinate and Wilson created the "100 Venues in 100 Days" contest. This contest is pretty sweet, where you can win WIlson gear but also, tickets to the US Open.

For all the info, check out the full release on the Pollinate website. Congratulations to a great client and here’s to the next 100.

Meet Gwen!

This month we welcomed a new member to the Pollinate Team. Gwen Cook will be coming on board as a Media Intern, assisting the Account Department and helping out with the ever-important Waffle Wednesdays.

Here are a few very serious questions we posed to Gwen to get to know her better.

Q: Where is the next place you want to travel?
My family is going to Switzerland this summer, and there is nothing better than hiking in the Alps so I am looking forward to that. After that though, I have wanted to go to Botswana since I was in pre-school and I’d like to work on making that happen in the next few years.

Q: If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you pick?
I think having a pet bear would be amazing. I don’t know if anyone has every tried domesticating bears, I know they did it with foxes recently and that worked out pretty well. In the meantime I’ll have to make do with my Bernese Mountain Dog, Lucy, she is very similar to a bear.

Q: What are your three favorite weird Portland things?
The Starlight Run is my favorite part of the Rose Festival every year; the groups of runners come up with such amazing costume ideas.

I am big street fair fan, last Thursday street fairs on NE Alberta are awesome and the East Side street fairs where they just shut down entire streets to only pedestrian and bike traffic, the Peacock Lane pedestrian only nights around the holiday’s are great too.

Also, there used to be this guy who would sit on the ramp up to the Hawthorne Bridge on a stool wearing Mickey Mouse ears and playing the trumpet. He was a Portland institution, but sadly he passed away in the last few years, I miss him!